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oomph::TriangulateIO Struct Reference

#include <unstructured_two_d_mesh_geometry_base.h>

Public Attributes

double * pointlist
 Pointer to list of points x coordinate followed by y coordinate. More...
double * pointattributelist
 Pointer to list of point attributes. More...
int * pointmarkerlist
 Pointer to list of point markers. More...
int numberofpoints
int numberofpointattributes
int * trianglelist
double * triangleattributelist
double * trianglearealist
int * neighborlist
int numberoftriangles
int numberofcorners
int numberoftriangleattributes
int * segmentlist
int * segmentmarkerlist
int numberofsegments
double * holelist
int numberofholes
double * regionlist
int numberofregions
int * edgelist
int * edgemarkerlist
double * normlist
int numberofedges

Detailed Description

The Triangle data structure, modified from the triangle.h header supplied with triangle 1.6. by J. R. Schewchuk. We need to define this here separately because we can't include a c header directly into C++ code!

Definition at line 65 of file unstructured_two_d_mesh_geometry_base.h.

Member Data Documentation

int* oomph::TriangulateIO::edgelist
int* oomph::TriangulateIO::edgemarkerlist
double* oomph::TriangulateIO::holelist
int* oomph::TriangulateIO::neighborlist
double* oomph::TriangulateIO::normlist
int oomph::TriangulateIO::numberofcorners
int oomph::TriangulateIO::numberofedges
int oomph::TriangulateIO::numberofholes
int oomph::TriangulateIO::numberofpointattributes
int oomph::TriangulateIO::numberofpoints
int oomph::TriangulateIO::numberofregions
int oomph::TriangulateIO::numberofsegments
int oomph::TriangulateIO::numberoftriangleattributes
int oomph::TriangulateIO::numberoftriangles
double* oomph::TriangulateIO::pointattributelist
double* oomph::TriangulateIO::pointlist
int* oomph::TriangulateIO::pointmarkerlist
double* oomph::TriangulateIO::regionlist
int* oomph::TriangulateIO::segmentlist
int* oomph::TriangulateIO::segmentmarkerlist
double* oomph::TriangulateIO::trianglearealist
double* oomph::TriangulateIO::triangleattributelist
int* oomph::TriangulateIO::trianglelist

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