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oomph::TriangleBoundaryHelper::BCInfo Struct Reference

Structure for Boundary Informations. More...

#include <unstructured_two_d_mesh_geometry_base.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned Face_id
 Face ID. More...
unsigned Boundary
 Boundary ID. More...
 Pointer to bulk finite element. More...

Detailed Description

Structure for Boundary Informations.

Definition at line 5473 of file unstructured_two_d_mesh_geometry_base.h.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned oomph::TriangleBoundaryHelper::BCInfo::Boundary
unsigned oomph::TriangleBoundaryHelper::BCInfo::Face_id
FiniteElement* oomph::TriangleBoundaryHelper::BCInfo::FE_pt

Pointer to bulk finite element.

Definition at line 5483 of file unstructured_two_d_mesh_geometry_base.h.

Referenced by oomph::TriangleMeshBase::setup_boundary_element_info().

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