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spherical_advection_diffusion_elements.h File Reference

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class  oomph::SphericalAdvectionDiffusionEquations
 A class for all elements that solve the Advection Diffusion equations in a spherical polar coordinate system using isoparametric elements.

\[ Pe \mathbf{w}\cdot(\mathbf{x}) \nabla u = \nabla \cdot \left( \nabla u \right) + f(\mathbf{x}) \]

This contains the generic maths. Shape functions, geometric mapping etc. must get implemented in derived class. More...

class  oomph::QSphericalAdvectionDiffusionElement< NNODE_1D >
 QSphericalAdvectionDiffusionElement elements are linear/quadrilateral/brick-shaped Axisymmetric Advection Diffusion elements with isoparametric interpolation for the function. More...
class  oomph::FaceGeometry< QSphericalAdvectionDiffusionElement< NNODE_1D > >
class  oomph::SphericalAdvectionDiffusionFluxElement< ELEMENT >
 A class for elements that allow the imposition of an applied Robin boundary condition on the boundaries of Steady Axisymmnetric Advection Diffusion Flux elements.

\[ -\Delta u \cdot \mathbf{n} + \alpha(r,z) u = \beta(r,z) \]

The element geometry is obtained from the FaceGeometry<ELEMENT> policy class. More...