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oomph_definitions.h File Reference

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class  oomph::OomphLibQuietException
class  oomph::OomphLibException
class  oomph::OomphLibError
class  oomph::OomphLibWarning
class  oomph::Nullstream
 A small nullstream class that throws away everything sent to it. More...
class  oomph::OutputModifier
class  oomph::OomphInfo




void oomph::TerminateHelper::setup ()
 Setup terminate helper. More...
void oomph::TerminateHelper::suppress_exception_error_messages ()
 Flush string stream of error messages (call when error has been caught) More...
void oomph::TerminateHelper::spawn_errors_from_uncaught_errors ()
 Function to spawn messages from uncaught errors. More...
std::string oomph::Global_string_for_annotation::string (const unsigned &i)
 Return the i-th string or "" if the relevant string hasn't been defined. More...