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oomph::LeakCheckNames Namespace Reference


void reset ()
void doc ()


long QuadTree_build
long OcTree_build
long QuadTreeForest_build
long OcTreeForest_build
long RefineableQElement< 2 > _build
long MacroElement_build
long HangInfo_build
long Node_build
long GeomReference_build
long AlgebraicNode_build
long AlgebraicNodeNodeUpdateInfo_build

Detailed Description

Namespace for leak check: Keep a running count of all instantiated objects – add your own if you want to...

Function Documentation

void oomph::LeakCheckNames::doc ( )
void oomph::LeakCheckNames::reset ( )

Variable Documentation

long RefineableQElement< 3 > oomph::LeakCheckNames::_build
long oomph::LeakCheckNames::AlgebraicNode_build
long oomph::LeakCheckNames::AlgebraicNodeNodeUpdateInfo_build
long oomph::LeakCheckNames::GeomReference_build

Definition at line 1419 of file

Referenced by doc(), and reset().

long oomph::LeakCheckNames::HangInfo_build
long oomph::LeakCheckNames::MacroElement_build
long oomph::LeakCheckNames::Node_build

Definition at line 1418 of file

Referenced by doc(), oomph::Node::Node(), reset(), and oomph::Node::~Node().

long oomph::LeakCheckNames::OcTree_build

Definition at line 1411 of file

Referenced by doc(), and reset().

long oomph::LeakCheckNames::OcTreeForest_build

Definition at line 1413 of file

Referenced by doc(), oomph::OcTreeForest::OcTreeForest(), and reset().

long oomph::LeakCheckNames::QuadTree_build

Definition at line 1410 of file

Referenced by doc(), and reset().

long oomph::LeakCheckNames::QuadTreeForest_build

Definition at line 1412 of file

Referenced by doc(), oomph::QuadTreeForest::QuadTreeForest(), and reset().