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linear_solver.h File Reference

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class  oomph::LinearSolver
class  oomph::DenseLU
 Dense LU decomposition-based solve of full assembled linear system. VERY inefficient but useful to illustrate the principle. Only suitable for use with Serial matrices and vectors. This solver will only work with non-distributed matrices and vectors (note: DenseDoubleMatrix is not distributable) More...
class  oomph::FD_LU
 Dense LU decomposition-based solve of linear system assembled via finite differencing of the residuals Vector. Even more inefficient than DenseLU but excellent sanity check! More...
class  oomph::SuperLUSolver
 . SuperLU Project Solver class. This is a combined wrapper for both SuperLU and SuperLU Dist. See Default Behaviour: If this solver is distributed over more than one processor then SuperLU Dist is used. Member data naming convention: member data associated with the SuperLU Dist solver begins Dist_... and member data associated with the serial SuperLU solver begins Serial_... . More...