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complex_smoother.h File Reference

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class  oomph::HelmholtzSmoother
class  oomph::ComplexDampedJacobi< MATRIX >
class  oomph::ComplexGMRES< MATRIX >
 The GMRES method rewritten for complex matrices. More...
class  oomph::HelmholtzGMRESMG< MATRIX >
 The GMRES method for the Helmholtz solver. More...
class  oomph::HelmholtzFGMRESMG< MATRIX >
 The FGMRES method, i.e. the flexible variant of the GMRES method which allows for nonconstant preconditioners [see Saad Y, "Iterative methods for sparse linear systems", p.287]. Note, FGMRES can only cater to right preconditioning; if the user tries to switch to left preconditioning they will be notified of this. More...