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oomph::NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices Class Referenceabstract

#include <elements.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices ()
 Empty constructor. More...
virtual ~NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices ()
 Virtual destructor. More...
 NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices (const NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices &)
 Broken copy constructor. More...
void operator= (const NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices &)
 Broken assignment operator. More...
virtual void get_pressure_and_velocity_mass_matrix_diagonal (Vector< double > &press_mass_diag, Vector< double > &veloc_mass_diag, const unsigned &which_one=0)=0
 Compute the diagonal of the velocity/pressure mass matrices. If which one=0, both are computed, otherwise only the pressure (which_one=1) or the velocity mass matrix (which_one=2 – the LSC version of the preconditioner only needs that one) More...

Detailed Description

Pure virtual base class for elements that can be used with Navier-Stokes Schur complement preconditioner and provide the diagonal of their velocity and pressure mass matrices – needs to be defined here (in generic) because this applies to a variety of Navier-Stokes elements (cartesian, cylindrical polar, ...) that can be preconditioned effectively by the Navier Stokes (!) preconditioners in the (cartesian) Navier-Stokes directory.

Definition at line 4962 of file elements.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oomph::NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices::NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices ( )

Empty constructor.

Definition at line 4968 of file elements.h.

virtual oomph::NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices::~NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices ( )

Virtual destructor.

Definition at line 4971 of file elements.h.

oomph::NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices::NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices ( const NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices )

Broken copy constructor.

Definition at line 4974 of file elements.h.

References oomph::BrokenCopy::broken_copy().

Member Function Documentation

virtual void oomph::NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices::get_pressure_and_velocity_mass_matrix_diagonal ( Vector< double > &  press_mass_diag,
Vector< double > &  veloc_mass_diag,
const unsigned &  which_one = 0 
pure virtual
void oomph::NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices::operator= ( const NavierStokesElementWithDiagonalMassMatrices )

Broken assignment operator.

Definition at line 4982 of file elements.h.

References oomph::BrokenCopy::broken_assign().

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