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advection_diffusion_reaction_elements.h File Reference

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class  oomph::AdvectionDiffusionReactionEquations< NREAGENT, DIM >
 A class for all elements that solve the Advection Diffusion Reaction equations using isoparametric elements.

\[ \tau_{i} \frac{\partial C_{i}}{\partial t} + w_{j} \frac{\partial C_{i}}{\partial x_{j}} = D_{i}\frac{\partial^2 C_{i}}{\partial x_j^2} = - R_{i}(C_{i}) + f_{i} \]

This contains the generic maths. Shape functions, geometric mapping etc. must get implemented in derived class. More...

class  oomph::QAdvectionDiffusionReactionElement< NREAGENT, DIM, NNODE_1D >
 QAdvectionDiffusionReactionElement elements are linear/quadrilateral/brick-shaped Advection Diffusion elements with isoparametric interpolation for the function. More...
class  oomph::FaceGeometry< QAdvectionDiffusionReactionElement< NREAGENT, DIM, NNODE_1D > >
 Face geometry for the QAdvectionDiffusionReactionElement elements: The spatial dimension of the face elements is one lower than that of the bulk element but they have the same number of points along their 1D edges. More...
class  oomph::FaceGeometry< QAdvectionDiffusionReactionElement< NREAGENT, 1, NNODE_1D > >
 Face geometry for the 1D QAdvectionDiffusionReaction elements: Point elements. More...