Example codes
and tutorials
The (Not-so) Quick Guide
List of tutorials/demo codes
Single-Physics Problems
Adaptivity illustrated for Poisson
Unsteady heat equation
Linear wave equation
The Young-Laplace equation
Free-surface Navier-Stokes
Axisymmetric Navier-Stokes
Solid mechanics
Beam structures
Shell structures
Multi-physics Problems
Fluid-structure interaction
Boussinesq convection
Steady thermoelasticity
Methods-based example codes and tutorials
Mesh generation
Linear solvers and preconditioners
Visualisation of the results
Parallel processing
How to write a new element
How to write a new refineable element
Default nonlinear solvers -- the sequence of action functions
FE theory and top-down discussion of the data structure
The (Not-so) Quick Guide
Comprehensive bottom-up discussion of the data structure
List of available structured and unstructured meshes
Linear solvers and preconditioners
Visualisation of the results
Parallel processing
Coding conventions and C++ style
Creating documentation
Optimisation - robustness vs. "raw speed"
Linear vs. nonlinear problems
Storing shape functions
Changing the default "full" integration scheme
Disabling the ALE formulation of unsteady equations
C vs. C++ output
Different sparse assembly techniques and the STL memory pool
Journal publications
Picture show
Download/installation instructions
Download page
FAQ & Contact
Change log
Bugs and other known problems
Completeness of the library & our "To-Do List"
Contact the developers
Get involved


Beta release!

Please note that the library has not been "officially" released. While we continue to work on the documentation, these web pages are likely to contain broken links and documents in draft form. Please send an email to

oomph-lib AT maths DOT man DOT ac DOT uk

if you wish to be informed of the library's "official" release.

oomph-lib related Publications

Here is a list of publications resulting from (or produced with) oomph-lib. If you have produced any work with oomph-lib and would like it to be listed here, send us a URL (or an electronic version of the publication) and we will install a link to it.




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