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UnstructuredFluidProblem< ELEMENT > Class Template Reference

Unstructured fluid problem. More...

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Public Member Functions

 UnstructuredFluidProblem ()
 Constructor. More...
 ~UnstructuredFluidProblem ()
 Destructor (empty) More...
ElasticTriangleMesh< ELEMENT > *& fluid_mesh_pt ()
 Access function for the fluid mesh. More...
void set_boundary_conditions ()
 Set the boundary conditions. More...
void doc_solution (DocInfo &doc_info)
 Doc the solution. More...

Private Attributes

ElasticTriangleMesh< ELEMENT > * Fluid_mesh_pt
 Fluid mesh. More...

Detailed Description

template<class ELEMENT>
class UnstructuredFluidProblem< ELEMENT >

Unstructured fluid problem.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class ELEMENT >
UnstructuredFluidProblem< ELEMENT >::UnstructuredFluidProblem ( )


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template<class ELEMENT >
UnstructuredFluidProblem< ELEMENT >::~UnstructuredFluidProblem ( )

Destructor (empty)

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Member Function Documentation

template<class ELEMENT >
void UnstructuredFluidProblem< ELEMENT >::doc_solution ( DocInfo &  doc_info)

Doc the solution.

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template<class ELEMENT >
ElasticTriangleMesh<ELEMENT>*& UnstructuredFluidProblem< ELEMENT >::fluid_mesh_pt ( )

Access function for the fluid mesh.

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Referenced by main().

template<class ELEMENT >
void UnstructuredFluidProblem< ELEMENT >::set_boundary_conditions ( )

Set the boundary conditions.

Set the boundary conditions for the problem and document the boundary nodes

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References Global_Physical_Variables::Constitutive_law_pt, and Global_Physical_Variables::Re.

Member Data Documentation

template<class ELEMENT >
ElasticTriangleMesh<ELEMENT>* UnstructuredFluidProblem< ELEMENT >::Fluid_mesh_pt

Fluid mesh.

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