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class  CapProblem< ELEMENT >
class  PseudoSolidCapProblem< ELEMENT >
 A class that solves the Navier–Stokes equations to compute the shape of a static interface in a rectangular container with imposed contact angle at the boundary. More...


 Namespace for phyical parameters.


void Global_Physical_Variables::wall_unit_normal_fct (const Vector< double > &x, Vector< double > &normal)
 Function that specifies the wall unit normal. More...
int main ()
 Main driver: Build problem and initiate parameter study. More...


double Global_Physical_Variables::Nu =0.1
 Pseudo-solid Poisson ratio. More...
Vector< double > Global_Physical_Variables::Wall_normal
 Direction of the wall normal vector. More...

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int main ( )

Main driver: Build problem and initiate parameter study.

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References CapProblem< ELEMENT >::parameter_study().