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class  WavyWall
class  SimpleSpineMesh< ELEMENT >
class  ChannelSpineFlowProblem< ELEMENT >


 Namespace for physical parameters.


double Global_Physical_Variables::height (const double &x)
 Height of domain. More...
int main ()
 Driver for channel flow problem with spine mesh. More...


double Global_Physical_Variables::Re =100
 Reynolds number. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::X_indent_start =0.5
 Start of indented region. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::L =1.0
 Length of indented region. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::L_total =4.0
 Total length of domain. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::H =1.0
 Undeformed height of domain. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::A =-0.6
 Amplitude of indentation. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( )

Driver for channel flow problem with spine mesh.

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References ChannelSpineFlowProblem< ELEMENT >::doc_solution().