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class  RayleighTractionProblem< ELEMENT, TIMESTEPPER >
 Rayleigh-type problem: 2D channel flow driven by traction bc. More...


 Namepspace for global parameters.
 Namespace for exact solution.


void ExactSoln::get_exact_u (const double &t, const Vector< double > &x, Vector< double > &u)
 Exact solution of the problem as a vector. More...
void ExactSoln::prescribed_traction (const double &t, const Vector< double > &x, const Vector< double > &n, Vector< double > &traction)
 Traction required at the top boundary. More...
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
 Driver code for Rayleigh-type problem. More...


double Global_Parameters::Re
 Reynolds number. More...
double Global_Parameters::ReSt
 Womersley = Reynolds times Strouhal. More...
unsigned Global_Parameters::Long_run_flag =1
 Flag for long/short run: Default = perform long run. More...
unsigned Global_Parameters::Impulsive_start_flag =0
 Flag for impulsive start: Default = start from exact time-periodic solution. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Driver code for Rayleigh-type problem.

Convert command line arguments (if any) into flags:

Flag for impulsive start

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References Global_Parameters::Impulsive_start_flag, Global_Parameters::Long_run_flag, Global_Parameters::Re, Global_Parameters::ReSt, and RayleighTractionProblem< ELEMENT, TIMESTEPPER >::unsteady_run().