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class  GeneralEllipse
 A geometric object for an ellipse with initial centre of mass at (centre_x, centre_y) with axis in the x direction given by 2a and in the y-direction given by 2b. The boundary of the ellipse is parametrised by its angle. More...
class  UnstructuredImmersedEllipseProblem< ELEMENT >


 Namespace for Problem Parameters.


double Jeffery_Solution::null (const double &t)
 Null function. More...
double Jeffery_Solution::angle (const double &t)
 Angular position as a function of time t. More...
double Jeffery_Solution::velocity (const double &t)
 Angular velocity as function of time t. More...
double Jeffery_Solution::acceleration (const double &t)
 Angular acceleration as a function of time t (should always be zero) More...
int main (int argc, char **argv)
 Driver code for immersed ellipse problem. More...


double Problem_Parameter::Re =1.0
 Reynolds number. More...
double Problem_Parameter::St = 1.0
 Strouhal number. More...
double Problem_Parameter::Density_ratio = 1.0
 Density ratio (Solid density / Fluid density) More...
double Problem_Parameter::A = 0.25
 Initial axis of the elliptical solid in x-direction. More...
double Problem_Parameter::B = 0.5
double Problem_Parameter::Nu =0.3
 Pseudo-solid (mesh) Poisson ratio. More...
double Problem_Parameter::Lambda_sq =0.0
 Pseudo-solid (mesh) "density" Set to zero because we don't want inertia in the node update! More...
ConstitutiveLaw * Problem_Parameter::Constitutive_law_pt
 Constitutive law used to determine the mesh deformation. More...

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int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Driver code for immersed ellipse problem.

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References UnstructuredImmersedEllipseProblem< ELEMENT >::solve_for_consistent_nodal_positions().