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class  ElementCmp
 Function-type-object to perform comparison of elements in y-direction. More...
class  oomph::AnnularSpineMesh< ELEMENT >
class  InterfaceProblem< ELEMENT, TIMESTEPPER >




Vector< double > Global_Physical_Variables::G (3)
 Direction of gravity. More...
int main (int argc, char *argv[])


double Global_Physical_Variables::Film_Thickness = 0.2
double Global_Physical_Variables::Re = 40.0
 Reynolds number. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::ReSt = Re
 Womersley = Reynolds times Strouhal. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::ReInvFr = 0.0
 Product of Reynolds and Froude number. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Ca = pow(Film_Thickness,3.0)
 Capillary number. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Alpha = 1.047
 Wavelength of the domain. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Epsilon = 1.0e-3
 Free surface cosine deformation parameter. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Beta = 3.6e-3
 Surface Elasticity number (weak case) More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Peclet_S = 4032.0
 Surface Peclet number. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Peclet_St_S = 1.0
 Sufrace Peclet number multiplied by Strouhal number. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Driver code for unsteady two-layer fluid problem. If there are any command line arguments, we regard this as a validation run and perform only two steps.

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References Global_Physical_Variables::Alpha, Global_Physical_Variables::Film_Thickness, Global_Physical_Variables::G(), and InterfaceProblem< ELEMENT, TIMESTEPPER >::unsteady_run().