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class  FSIRingProblem


 Namespace for physical parameters.


void Global_Physical_Variables::set_params ()
 Set the parameters that are used in the code as a function of the Womersley number, the density ratio and H. More...
void Global_Physical_Variables::pcos_load (const Vector< double > &xi, const Vector< double > &x, const Vector< double > &N, Vector< double > &load)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
 Driver for fsi ring test problem. More...


double Global_Physical_Variables::Alpha_sq =50.0
 Square of Womersly number (a frequency parameter) More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Density_ratio =1.0
 Density ratio of the solid and the fluid. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Pext =0.0
 External Pressure. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Nu =0.49
 Poisson ratio. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::H =0.05
 Nondimensional thickness of the beam. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Pcos =0.0
 Perturbation pressure. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Re =100.0
 Reynolds number. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::ReSt =100.0
 Reynolds x Strouhal number. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Lambda_sq
 Timescale ratio (non-dimensation density) More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Q
 Stress ratio. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Driver for fsi ring test problem.

Perturbation pressure

Duration of initial pcos perturbation

Amplitude of initial deformation

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References FSIRingProblem::dynamic_run().