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class  ElasticCollapsibleChannelMesh< ELEMENT >
 Upgrade mesh to solid mesh. More...
class  UndeformedWall
class  FSICollapsibleChannelProblem< ELEMENT >
 Problem class. More...


 Namespace for phyical parameters.


double BL_Squash::squash_fct (const double &s)
 Mapping [0,1] -> [0,1] that re-distributes nodal points across the channel width. More...
void Global_Physical_Variables::prescribed_traction (const double &t, const Vector< double > &x, const Vector< double > &n, Vector< double > &traction)
 Traction applied on the fluid at the left (inflow) boundary. More...
void Global_Physical_Variables::load (const Vector< double > &xi, const Vector< double > &x, const Vector< double > &N, Vector< double > &load)
 Load function: Apply a constant external pressure to the wall. Note: This is the load without the fluid contribution! Fluid load gets added on by FSIWallElement. More...
int main (int argc, char *argv[])


double Global_Physical_Variables::Lambda_sq =0.0
 Pseudo-solid mass density. More...
double Global_Physical_Variables::Nu =0.1
 Pseudo-solid Poisson ratio. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Driver code for a collapsible channel problem with FSI. Presence of command line arguments indicates validation run with coarse resolution and small number of timesteps.

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References Global_Physical_Variables::P_ext, and Global_Physical_Variables::P_up.